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    i always wanted a treehouse, a place to get away {from my parents, i’m sure!} and hang out with my friends. where the ladder would only hold up to 80lbs to prevent any unwanted adults from sneaking their way in and a secret password and knock would grant access! a magical spot amongst the trees and birds and bugs! if most of you were like me, a few pieces of musty plywood, some rope and nails did the trick, not going to get a spot in architectural digest, but a home away from home for sure! now these treehouses are something special.. check em’ out! 

    this oversized treehouse {6000 sq feet} is located @ alnwick gardens
    a cottage inspired one! this might fit in our yard!
    treehouse workshop builds custom structures big & small
    falcon’s perch in long island, ny
    baumraum is a german builder that even builds treehouse hotels!


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