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    so shortly after chris and i met we bought a volkswagen vanagon – a 1982 blue bus with matching velour interior! i say “we”, really it was chris’ bus, but it was $50 and i contributed $20 to the deal {making me part owner}. the vanagon became our home away from home, we took her camping in new york and she attended many a phish concert {maybe one too many, she was never the same after that last one!} i don’t know what it is, but there is something about the sound of the engine {sputtering to life} and the bounce of the seats {your head just missing the ceiling} that just feels like home, one covered in blue velour and grateful dead stickers.

    get some inspiration with a great collection of images on van life and follow along with one guy’s journey on the restless transplant.

    Here are some handmade goods to get you one step closer to livin’ in a van {down by the river!}

    1. vw cotton bag : oh little rabbit
    2. tshirt : supermarket
    3. wood sign : slippin’ southern
    4. teether : armadillo dreams
    5. pouch: needles & lemons
    6. print : the word shop




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