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    we’re back in jersey after our big trip out west! we spent last week @ bumpershoot - seattle’s huge annual music and arts fest! olive bites had a booth and so did miranda layton lockets {our cousin}, so a weekend was spent selling jewelry, listening to great music, lauging at some funny comedians and eating fish tacos! we spent a day on bainbridge island and visited the awesome town of port townsend {where chris bought a handmade whaling hat} it’s design helps you hear on the water, but i think he’s hoping to attract some more birds with it’s beak like shape! we later got to spend some quality time with family including: niece elise & nephew adriel {couple a cuties!} in portland, oregon where we went to a street fest, ate mac n cheese at mcmenamins {many times!} if you’re ever in portland, definitely check out their many quirky locations! a highlight of the trip would have to be our day visting mount rainier at crystal mountain resort - a must see if you’re ever in the area! take the gondola ride up to the top for a truly breathtaking view and enjoy a great lunch {with the best view of your life} while feeding chipmunks from your hand, then walk it off on a short hike {with a free hiking stick provided} .. so much fun and a day we will cherish forever! we love visiting the west coast and can’t wait to get back out there!




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