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    just when you thought shark week was over.. we are bringing it back!
    we spent some time in cape cod breaking down a 3 week long summer camp for teenagers and we just couldn’t resist taking a dip! ok, so we didn’t actually see any sharks, but we did swim with some ornery crabs! we stayed in chatham an absolute must for anyone looking for a quaint, small town feel. While there check out the monomoy wildlife refuge - home to migratory birds & thousands of seals – which brings us back to all the sharks!

    keep track of the great whites just miles off the coast via ocearch and to celebrate keeping all your fingers & toes after a swim head over to the red nun for some beers and burgers!

    before summer ends grab a few of these jaws inspired goodies!

    1. cut off chinos

    2. 3D trading cards

    3. vintage binoculars for spying sharks

    4.  classic tshirt

    5. smokes – the gum variety – though we can’t condone smoking the real ones, we promise you will look just as cool as captain brody!


    Picture 14

    those black dots are seals – miles and miles of them!


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